International Health Insurance

Your trusted ally

Protect your business’s human resources abroad

Hyphen Mobility provides companies with advice and flexible or custom solutions for international health and contingency insurance, ensuring they can offer the best protection to their foreign-based employees and their families.

Our Engagement Charter:

  • To protect employers and their employees worldwide
  • To offer the most suitable solution for your employees’ requirements, while keeping to the company budget.
  • To contribute to the cohesion and productivity of your employees worldwide by providing them peace of mind through their international health and contingency cover.
  • Because we are independent, Hyphen Mobility conducts market intelligence and tracks market trends in order to offer you health and contingency coverage that is always optimal.

Who we cover:

  • Employers and entrepreneurs
  • Seconded employees, expatriates, or professionals on assignment abroad
  • SMEs, Mid-cap and large corporations
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

What we offer:

  • International health cover
  • Group health cover
    • Flexible cover
    • Customized cover
  • Contingency insurance
    • Temporary work incapacity – daily allowance
    • Permanent disability, total or partial
    • All cause death benefit
  • Medical assistance and repatriation
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Kidnapping and ransom insurance

We’re mindful of the need for mutual trust, which is why you’ll have a dedicated advisor available to you and your team to facilitate the relationship with your insurance provider for the duration of your contract.

Its independence allows Hyphen Mobility to objectively monitor developments in the insurance industry to continue to provide you with the best health and contingency insurance policies.

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