International health insurance broker serving individuals and businesses

Who are we?

HYPHEN MOBILITY works independently in a spirit of true partnership with businesses and individuals to optimize their search for International health and contingency (Life and Disability) insurance. We treat your life plan or business project and employees as if they were our own, with multicultural teams of specialists dedicated to finding the expatriate insurance plan that best protects your interests.

Because we know how difficult it is to choose the best coverage from among all of the available options, we work closely with you, sharing our knowledge and experience, to define the health insurance solution best suited to your environment and specific needs. In addition, we keep a constant eye on costs, in-order-to identify the coverage that fits within your budget while fully meeting your commitment to protecting your family or employees, thereby enabling them to focus on what they are there to do. Whether you currently reside, are preparing to move, or are simply traveling abroad, we make it a point of honor to secure your peace of mind, and that of your employees.

Because we believe that each customer is unique, because we are totally independent of any insurance company, and because our experience gives us detailed knowledge of the healthcare systems of both your current and future environments, we are able to provide more than just a service. We offer true support designed specifically for families, and offer businesses a flexible or tailored solution adapted to their specific needs.